The Greek Vegetarian blog was created in January of 2013, after my job as graphic designer and photographer at a university became redundant, leaving me at home to consider life as a freelancer... and perhaps blogger.

I know, I know. It's so cliched. Lost the job, bored at home, freelance gigs few and far between, start a blog.

But despite the millions of bloggers out there in our blog-saturated universe, I still think there's a tiny spot left for a blog about Greek vegetarian food (and besides, I really needed a place to keep me inspired about my passions for cooking and photography).

I'm Lisa, a Greek-Australian vegetarian based in Melbourne, and I love Greek food. I also love turning Greek meat-based dishes into yummy vegetarian ones, as well as coming up with my own variations of existing Greek vegetarian recipes.

By my own self-indulging admission, this blog provides a creative outlet for me, but I also hope it is a source of inspiration to other vegetarians (and part-time lovers of vegetarian food) who want to explore the many possibilities of delicious Greek vegetarian food.